Friday, February 17, 2012

My (Almost) Sewing Reunion

I'm so happy, this weekend I'm going to be reunited with my long lost sewing machine! It's been just over a month since my move and while I was in transition there was no sewing to be had.

Now that I finally have an apartment my sewing machine, fabrics, patterns, etc. will have a home again. The photo in this post shows the only sewing-related items I've had with me this past transition month. I had this idea that, between starting a new job and finding an apartment, I'd somehow get started with my coat muslin. Yeah right! I did get to read some of that Tailoring book though, a Christmas present from my sister.

I'm excited to get sewing again! I'd love to make more Sewaholic Renfrews for work (and take better photos than I posted - sometimes I really can't take a good photo!).

I'm writing this from my phone through the Blogger app so I can't link to past posts and I have no idea where the photo is going to end up! It's just showing as an attachment on my screen.

Hmm, seems like it'll be a nice thing to be reunited with Internet, too (the phone just capitalized "Internet," really?).

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone :) Oh, and I can't wait for the season finale of Downton Abbey! Yay for Sybil and Branson! How cute are they?


  1. Oops, that photo is huge! Well, that stinks.

  2. Had to google who Sybil and Branson were. Downton Abbey seems to get mentioned a lot in the American blogs. Is it really that popular? Or just with viewers interested in period costume?

    1. Ah, thanks to your comment I added a part about Downton Abbey, I didn't realize I forgot to mention it! It does seem to be mentioned a lot, doesn't it? I grew up watching British period dramas with my mom so when we heard about this one (from a sewing blog!) we started watching. It's not popular or even known about everywhere here but a lot of my non-sewing friends watch it too. I also noticed that a lot of American sewing bloggers drink tea, which is not typical of what most drink here (coffee). I guess there's something about British TV and tea that goes well with needle and thread :)


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