Friday, February 17, 2012

My (Almost) Sewing Reunion

I'm so happy, this weekend I'm going to be reunited with my long lost sewing machine! It's been just over a month since my move and while I was in transition there was no sewing to be had.

Now that I finally have an apartment my sewing machine, fabrics, patterns, etc. will have a home again. The photo in this post shows the only sewing-related items I've had with me this past transition month. I had this idea that, between starting a new job and finding an apartment, I'd somehow get started with my coat muslin. Yeah right! I did get to read some of that Tailoring book though, a Christmas present from my sister.

I'm excited to get sewing again! I'd love to make more Sewaholic Renfrews for work (and take better photos than I posted - sometimes I really can't take a good photo!).

I'm writing this from my phone through the Blogger app so I can't link to past posts and I have no idea where the photo is going to end up! It's just showing as an attachment on my screen.

Hmm, seems like it'll be a nice thing to be reunited with Internet, too (the phone just capitalized "Internet," really?).

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone :) Oh, and I can't wait for the season finale of Downton Abbey! Yay for Sybil and Branson! How cute are they?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Male Pattern Boldness Week!

So, over the summer I blogged that I went to Male Pattern Boldness Day and had a grand old time (and bought fabric I still haven't made into anything), but I've also had a Male Pattern Boldness Week of sorts!

The nice thing about being back in the city is you can go to fun events at the drop of a hat. And so it was that my cousin and I went to see Peter and Michael perform in Michael's "Noah's Very Unusual Insight" last Friday in the West Village. We had a great time!

We chatted with Peter a bit after his run as Dr. Lorna Gallo, and here I am feeling like a groupie:

Before this photo was taken, Peter mentioned he was looking to sell his beloved Pfaff 30 due to a lack of space in his apartment, and my cousin Kimberly was very much interested. I would have been too, but I don't have the space, either!

This led us to yesterday, when Kimberly and I went over to Peter's to take a look at the machine (check out Peter's post for the evidence!). It's definitely a beauty and a real workhouse, and I can see why Peter was so sad to let it go. It came in a great little table too (don't you wish modern machines came in these kinds of quality wood tables??).

Testing the machine on a leftover piece of
the leopard print pants fabric!
I think the funniest part of the evening was Peter's dog barking away at us almost non-stop. I'd like to think he was eagerly trying to protect the sewing machine from danger, like "You can't take the Pfaff 30, lady, that's top dollar material right there!" ;)

And that's about it, a great week. Oh, and Patty Playpal really is as big as Peter says!