Friday, January 13, 2012

Thinglink'ed Oona to the Rescue!

Looky here! Thanks to oonaballoona's thinglink (new favorite word) fun fest, I was finally able to figure out a way to create a gallery of my finished projects with a clickable link on each to their respective blog posts. Can't tell you how much I tried to use the minimal code knowledge I have to get this to work earlier in the year. My (slight?) OCD is happy that each photo is the same size hehe. Thanks, oona!

There are 10 finished garments from 2011 and 2 pre-blog garments from 2010. Haven't even gotten 'round to photographing my 2009 day? I've put these mini-mes in a "Finished Projects" tab at the top of the blog, and will add as I go along. Woohoo! Hopefully all the links go to the right posts, haven't tried that yet.

**I've got to say, I'm none too pleased with the tweed Beignet in the photograph below. The hem is the pits at the center front and some of the buttons aren't lined up properly with the buttonholes so the fabric pulls. I've since fixed the hem, PHEW! The buttons still need to be done, but are an easy fix. This'll be a good project to finish before the spring.**







Special thanks to Tanit-Isis for kindly correcting me earlier in the year when I said I "frankensteined" 2 patterns for the Pleasantville dress, whoops! 2011 also saw me create the word "selvege", which isn't the correct spelling anywhere, but rather a nice marriage of the U.S. "selvage" and everywhere else's "selvedge"...hmmm, yes...

...2012 News...

  • I'm an official contributor to the Sew Weekly 2012! It'll be awhile before I can actually participate because of my move, but it'll be fun times. I'm so glad there are tons of contributors, less stressful this way for sure.

  • Today the font in the comments section of my blog became tiny, but I can now magically reply to each commenter after their comment if I wanted. Did this happen to anyone else who uses Blogger? Just a coincidence that this happened after I installed thinglink??? Pretty exciting, in any case!


  1. I love all your 2011 makes , I hope to see more this year. Happy New year .

    1. Thanks, Lisa! That's so nice and encouraging to hear :) Happy New Year to you, too!

  2. Just checked on my blog I can also reply now all of a sudden. That was one thing I hated about blogger , now all is well .

  3. EGADS this post is chock full of good news! i would've thought blogger would throw a parade for this update.

    isn't it great to see it all linked in one place? i love your frankenpattern category, and i too am on board with the bastard child "selvege". i always have to correct myself. love your makes, that pendrell blouse is gorgeous!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one with the "reply" button, looks like it's here to stay! Now I just wish I wouldn't get an email when I comment on my own blog, what's the point??

      And it is exciting to have everything linked, nice and tidy. So glad you got the idea going!! I need to break out the Pendrell more, I'm still getting used to ruffles on my shoulders.


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