Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Giveaway Winner!

It's time to announce the giveaway winner! I'm happy to share that Regina of Wylde Hills has won these 4 patterns. I wish you the best as you get back into blogging this year, your placemat hat is too cool! I've emailed you for the details.

This giveaway was such an intimate affair that I wish I could give something to each of you, but alas, everything is packed away at this point :( But I loved reading each of your favorite NYC places, keep 'em coming! Here's a round-up:

2 votes for the top of the Empire State Building
1 for Soho
1 for Harlem
1 for the Metropolitan Museum of Art
1 for the Chrysler Building (thanks ms. modiste for contributing even if not for the giveaway!)

Good stuff, good stuff. I can't wait to feature these places just as soon as I have something sewn up for them. And as soon as I have a place to sew them in ;)


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