Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crafty Christmas Club!

I've reached my first goal of the holiday season - joining the Crafty Christmas Club to help inspire and motivate me as I attempt to make some holiday goodies for friends and family. The CCC was started by the talented Tilly and I hope to make a good showing on the blog (I'm not always the most productive when it comes to making things for others, this being that I'm too slow of a stitcher when it comes to my own clothes to get to sewing things for anyone else, ahem!).

The CCC blog is also a great way to share projects with fellow sewers without having friends and family see your creations before the mad-dash-to-rip-off-the-carefully-taped-wrapping-paper moment arrives (unless they are gently-open-the-gift-tape-by-tape kind of people, which is sometimes the case). So, basically, if you think you might get a handmade gift from me this holiday season don't click through to the CCC blog! No fun in ruining the surprise, right? Or just look really, really excited and grateful when the time comes :)

Time to get working on those gifts before they bring out the holiday music, although in some cases it's too late for that. Anyone else a member of the CCC blog? I look forward to seeing you over there! I'm blown away by what everyone is making, such a creative bunch.

Happy November!


  1. It's ok to make anything, you don't have to sew! It's so nice giving something that means just that little bit more.

  2. That's true! I'm working on a felt doll as a matter of fact :)

  3. I love the Crafty Christmas Club - one of Tilly's many briliant ideas!

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog today. Debi has written a wonderful post and I am so pleased to be able to meet and reconnect with so many bloggers because of it. :)

  4. You're welcome, Sarah! I hope you've made good progress on your handmade presents :)

  5. ah, i love the name of your blog, so cute! Looking forward to seeing your Christmas crafty projects!x

  6. Thanks, Clazzerati! I love old movies so the name seemed to fit :) And thanks for the crafts encouragement!!


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