Sunday, August 14, 2011

This Blog STINKS!

(I think I am the worst blogger ever.) But, hey, I'm so glad I actually made MPB Day! Yay!

I didn't take photos, but that's okay because Peter ran a quality day complete with photo documentation here! I was even excited to get a photo with Peter, the first blogebrity (is there an actual made-up word for blog celebs already out there?) I've met. I also managed to bring my sister and 2 cousins with me!

Basically, Peter did a great job wrapping up the day on his blog. I somehow missed the House of Spandex so consider that on the list for next time. I did pick up wool gabardine for a fall CP Rooibos dress and some polka-dot cotton for a bombshell dress. I can feel that I'm actually going to start sewing again! And how fun was it to mention Gertie's bombshell dress and The Sew Weekly and actually have people know what you're talking about? Very fun, indeed.

Thanks, Peter, for the great day! I know Cathy will enjoy those classy gloves.

So long from the Big Apple!

P.S. Writing a blog post on an iPhone is no fun.