Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cat Got Your Sewing?

I was in the middle of working on a self-drafted A-line skirt when...

...Gizmo decided to nap on the lining.

I figured I could use the non-cat bed portion of the desk to pin together the fashion fabric when...

...Mr. Darcy decided to mooch in on the rest of the available surface space.

Oh well, so maybe I could, I don't know, iron something. That was a good idea until...


...actually, it was never a good idea. Silvie had been snoozing there - for hours! Unbelievable.

But hey, the sewing machine is free! I guess this means I'm supposed to finally get around to altering my sister's pajama pants (see animal print fabric at center right of photo) I had promised to do months and months ago? Those kitties, always knowing what's best...


At least Mr. Darcy looks rather fetching in my hat. A little sly one-eyed seductive look, is it not?


  1. You have a cat named Mr. Darcy? Oh, we are definitely kindred spirits :)

  2. Hehe! You are my personal hero after that shoulder pad hat. GENIUS, my friend!

  3. Gosh, three adorable pattern weights/fabric testers. I only have one furry sewing buddy that helps me out, and she always seems to be in the way.

  4. OMG, I love that - pattern weights/fabric testers!! They do seem to know just where to inconveniently sit, don't they?

  5. LOL. Yeah, I have that going on, only with a preschooler. For some reason, he thinks that fabric is a runway.

  6. LOVE this so much! What three cuties! I definitely have one pattern weight and one pattern shifter (she can't sit still) :)


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