Thursday, April 28, 2011

Self-Imposed Deadline - Or Else!

This is just a quick post to say there will be a completed Beignet Skirt blog post by Sunday...or else! It was going to be a skirt for Easter, but Easter came and went. My sewing time has been minimal of late because we've been lucky to have lots of family visitors these past few weeks, but now I need to get back in the game.

So I'm writing this post in an attempt to peer pressure myself (me pressure myself???) into finishing this skirt by this weekend. I bought this really beautiful cotton blend tweed on my last trip to New York, oooo Garment District goodness :) I guess I should consider myself lucky that I learned to sew after leaving NYC; where would I have fit all that fabric and sewing equipment in my tiny room? Methinks my roommate would've been none too pleased about everything spread out in the living room -- unless I made her a coat or two -- she has about 30, no joke!

On a side note, I happened to see last week that I was averaging 2.3 posts per week and couldn't believe it, sounded so productive! Yeah, that stat has since plummeted. I actually have a completed bag project I wanted to share and a few blogging awards I wanted to play along with, thanks to those who passed them on to me weeks ago, oops.

Okay, I'm now putting on the "me pressure" for skirt completion, which will be paired with a hat in honor of the Sew Weekly challenge! Ready, set, sew like the wind (but not like the torrential wind we had last night, please).

Do you have anything you'll be me pressuring this weekend? Good luck if so!

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  1. Go get 'em, girlfriend! I can't wait to see your lovely skirt - I just bought that pattern myself!


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