Thursday, February 24, 2011

The "What's Outside of Pleasantville?" Dress

I just couldn't pass up this week's theme challenge over at The Sew Weekly.  You choose a movie that has been nominated for an Academy Award in Costume Design as your inspiration and have the week to complete the look.  The first thing I did was look through the list of nominees and pick out ones I'd seen.  I love old movies, but in the end I settled on Pleasantville.  The idea of making a '50s style dress and doing the black & white/color photo was too fun to pass up!  Plus, I love Pleasantville.  I watched it again the other night and enjoyed the thought-provoking story line.

I based my inspiration on the dress Margaret Henderson wears when she and Bud go to Lovers Lane, the scene she changes from black & white to color.

Margaret at Lovers Lane

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Me Made March!

I just signed up for the Me Made March '11 challenge on Zoe's blog and am excited!  The idea is to wear at least 1 handmade garment a day for the entire month.  I say I'm excited, although I have to be honest...the idea of taking photos of myself for a month is a little terrifying!  That's partly why I'm doing the challenge, it's nice to step outside the box every now and then.  In my mind I just tell myself it's a great excuse to play dress up for a month :)  There is a chance I'll be away for a week in March for work so that could mess things up, but I will find a way to make it work!

Now if I can just get my sew-along trousers finished I will be feeling pretty pleased with myself.  Oh, and the muslin for Casey's sew-along.  Wait, did I just sign up for a month-long challenge and I'm still working on trousers and haven't made a muslin yet for the swing dress?  Oh boy.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good Grief!

So busy with work and other things this past week I haven't really been able to work on anything sewing related.  Very sad times indeed!  I was hoping to cut out my fashion fabric (a sand wool crepe, feels so nice) for The Cupcake Goddess' Trouser Sew-Along, but I'm only just making corrections to my 2nd muslin.  At least those aren't too complex and I hope to be cutting out my fashion fabric by this weekend.  I saw this movie, Easy Virtue, a couple months ago and Jessica Biel's trousers have been good inspiration as I work on mine!  Sunni put this up on her blog as inspiration too.  Mine are from the '40s, but hey, a wide leg's a wide leg!

Jessica Biel in '20s wide-leg trousers in the movie, Easy Virtue (2008)

I'm also shortening the bodice on my 1940s Swing Dress as part of Casey's Sew-Along. Knowing how busy work and life was going to be over the next however many months I planned these sew-alongs to go with my color palette for the CP spring wardrobe challenge. Better to combine things than get discouraged and finish nothing at all, I say!

This post was not very exciting, but there you have it.  Maybe I felt the need to write it because every time I comment on someone else's blog the "Comment Luv" app keeps showing the same post title.  Needed to change that.  On another note, that app is really cool - you find so many cool posts that way!