Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In the Beginning...

Hi!  This is just a quick post to say I've been sewing garments for awhile now and figured I'd finally start up a blog to post projects and such. Truth be told, I've been participating in sew-alongs and was getting all bummed that I had no where to post those pretty buttons/badges!  Silly, right?  I'm like a girl scout who can't wait to get her next patch.  Anyway...

In college, I took an historic costume course that later helped me date photos for my work as an architectural historian (I knew rick rack as a detail on mid-century Ranch houses before I knew of its sewing equivalent!).  For reasons I can't remember, I signed up for sewing classes one day at this great little store in Los Angeles called Sew LA, and that's all it took!  Yep, sewing's been on my mind ever since.

Okay, first things first -- back to the cutting table so I can get some projects posted here!


  1. Hi Amanda! Good luck with blogging and the Colette Pattern Challenge! Looking forward to your updates!


  2. Thank you, Marina! And thanks for being my first comment :)


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